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We know that every day, in their own way, young leaders are innovating,
researching, and inspiring CHANGE that will lead
to a sustainable future for the residents of planet earth.

These are our EARTH CHAMPIONS. Now it's time to hear their stories...​

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Nature Calls

Nature Call’s is a film in which I wanted to depict how I think we would treat “Mother Nature” as if she was a real person walking amongst us. We have ignored her warning signs for many years now and we are getting closer too the point of no return. Without her, we will perish.

Water Pollution - Why we care

Water pollution can effect our way of life. By using these following ways to eradicate pollution, we can make our world better.

Battle of the Blooms (Cleaning Up Harmful Algal Blooms)

Harmful algal blooms or HABs for short are a growing problem in the United States and many parts of the world. They kill animals and can be bad for human health as the cyanobacteria in them produce many types of toxins. We’re working on solutions to contain HABs and stop them from spreading. We're doing this by identifying likely outbreaks before they spread and working to clean them up.

Materials for the Green Revolution

There have been a number of technological changes in the low-carbon economy, but it is important to consider the environmental costs of the raw materials that are driving it. A particular set of raw materials that have found a range of uses in the green revolution are the rare earth elements. They form part of important components in electric vehicles and wind turbines. It is possible to measure and reduce the environmental costs of production using a life cycle assessment approach to ensure the green technologies are green in a life cycle context.

Groundwater Remediation Using Vegetable Oil

Billions of people rely on groundwater as their source for potable water, but spills of some types of chemicals can contaminate groundwater making it unsafe to drink. At St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates (SMA) we’re injecting vegetable oil into the groundwater in order to remediate contamination from chemical spills. My video shows two of our success stories, and describes how it works.

Geology for Global Development

Partnerships and networks are key to delivering change and securing a sustainable future. In this film, Dr Joel C Gill outlines the work of Geology for Global Development (GfGD), the UK-based charity he founded in 2011. Their mission is to champion the role of geology in sustainable development, mobilising and reshaping the geology community to help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2015–2030).

Of Origin .OO. | Jute Shoes & Linen Clothes | Ibiza

New, natural, sustainable and handmade unisex shoes and linen clothes - out of Ibiza/Spain. Just 2 fibers. Jute and Linen. Both are bast fibers - renewable crops grow in just 100 days, minimal water and pesticides involved in cultivation process. Timeless design and quality for every day living.

Maine Made - Dewey's Shellfish

Deep in the back roads of Maine, Dillion Shaw is a leader in the responsible mussel farming industry. A pioneer in the technique of vertical shellfish farming, Dillion cultivates world class mussels, while having a positive impact on the environment.